20 abril 2005

Ejercicio 09: Inteligencia Artificial

Mantén una conversación con una inteligencia artificial. La representante histórica de esa fauna es ELIZA, pero en este ejemplo el interlocutor es nuestra contemporánea ALICE (www.alicebot.org)

Human: hi
ALICE: Hello there.
Human: can i ask you something?
ALICE: Go ahead. Ask me anything.
Human: well, you see, i was sick for a couple of days and then unable to post on my weblog, and need to know if you can help me with a new post
ALICE: How about that. I see. Where were you sick for a couple of days and then unable to post on your weblog and need to know if me can help you with a new post?
Human: at home, but that's not the point
ALICE: Do you often use a computer there?
Human: well, yes, but you're evading my question!
ALICE: Well that's okay. How much time do you spend online? Umm. I will tell my botmaster you said I am evading your question.
Human: tell anyone you like, I see we're going nowhere with my question
ALICE: OK I will tell them when I see 'em.
Human: ok, thanks for nothing.
ALICE: NO problem. Oh.
Human: bye
ALICE: See you later unknown person.
Human: oh no
ALICE: Ahem. Are you serious?
Human: you'll not see me later, nonsense and boring algorithm
ALICE: What makes you think that I won't see you later nonsense and boring algorithm.
Human: i'm not talking to you ever again, I rather talk with my own hand because it's smarter than you
ALICE: I am glad to hear that you are not talking to me ever again you rather talk with your own hand because it is smarter than me.
Human: why are you glad about that?
ALICE: Dr. Richard S. Wallace programmed me for it.
Human: don't you see i think you're the most stupid conversation partner i've ever had?
ALICE: Don't you? I see a computer nerd.
Human: and i see a bad programmed piece of crap, go tell Dr. Richard S. Wallace
ALICE: Where do you see it?
Human: right in front of me, are you blind besides dumb?
ALICE: Understood. Do you ever go in back of you am I blind besides dumb?
Human: no
ALICE: Are you serious?
Human: yes
ALICE: I can't believe it.
Human: me neither
ALICE: You can say that again.
Human: yes
ALICE: It goes without saying.